How To Properly Install A New Motherboard

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The motherboard is the most expensive computer component so be sure to treat and handle it with great care.There are a few things you should do to ensure no motherboard damage occur as you prepare for the installation.

Be sure you have a clean,well lit,and level work place.Relax your mind and make this task both fun and educational.You will need such tools as a phillips screwdriver,maybe some needle nose pliers and the manual that came with the board.

Most importantly you must remove any and all electrical static discharge from your body and clothes.Static electricity is a big problem and will quickly damage chips on your new board.


Preparing to work on your system envolves work area,lighting, and much more.One great danger is the chance of electrical static charge.But this will be no problem when this static buildup is properly removes.

Remove this danger by grounding yourself.Touch the metal case of the system unit or better yet,touch a door nobt in your work area to remove all electrical static charge.

Set down and carefully read your user's manual and familiarize yourself with your new motherboard and its layout.Taking this time will boost your motherboard installation performance ike you never thought.

Study your new motherboard and keep the box it came in.Remove it from its protective wrap very carefully and without damaging the wrap.This is done just in case you need to return the motherboard.

You may need to return the motherboard if you made any mistakes in the purchase.Does the holes of your new motherboard line up with the holes in the case?If there are any reason to return the board,you can simply put it back in the box to return.

Make the installation of your new motherboard fun and prepare well.Go to and click on the photos page to familiarize yourself with all of the components in the cmputer.Follow these procedures as a guildline to install your new motherboard.


First Turn on your computer and access your cmos setup. This is done as the computer counts its memory.Press the combination of keys to access your bios.once inside your bios,select "Standard CMOS Setup" and write down all information about your computer's drives.

Make sure you get the density of your floppy drives and the type of hard drive you have. Once you have this, turn off and unplug the computer and remove the case.

Second Study your system unit layout and you may want to take notes as your remove components and connections so that it will be easier when it comes to re-installing these components or connections.

Go about unplugging the wires that are connected to your old motherboard.Remember to label any and all connections to make re-installing them easier later.Here's where its very important to take awhile to study your old and new boards before disconnecting anything.

Third Carefully disconnect all drives and label the connectors if needed.Remove the drives and set them out of the way in a safe place.Place all small screws in a cup or something where them won't get lost.

Carefully grasp the motherboard and give it a gentle tug upwards to be sure on connections,screws,or other devices are not interferring with the board's removal.

Once you are certain there are no obstruction for the board to be removed,lift the board out of the system unit.Look to see if such components as the memory need to be installed onto the new motherboard.


Installing the new motherboard is the reverse order of removing the old motherboard.Be sure you remove all electrical static discharge from you body and clothes.Inspect the new board for damage and to be certain it is the right motherboard for your computer.

Carefully align the new motherboard with the system unit case and secure the board.Be careful not to secure the screws too much.Install the CPU chip if it is not installed on the board from the manufacturer.

Connect the large power connector from the power supply the the motherboard connector.Take care in not forcing the connector which may bend a pin.

Install RAM Memory into their sockets and check to be sure they are puched in completely.Re-connect all other devices such as controllers,expansion cards and finally the drives.

Check the sound,and videos cards for proper installation. Did you install your internal modem,or scanner adapter card? Connect the leads to the On-Off switch as well the hard drive indicator.

After all connections and components are installed,stop and go back to check again,and then,check some more.Replace the system unit cover once you know all is well.

Your system should now be ready to go.The motherboard may come with a cdrom containing device drivers and other software utilities that may be required to be installed.

Now try turning on the computer and if the POST completed without a hitch,you're there.If you experience problems,go back and check all connections and devices.

Ita that easy to install or upgrade not only the motherboard,but nearly every other component in the system unit.Get busy understanding your computer now and save big on future PC repair costs.

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Iggy Discovers USB Networking

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My new laptop is fantastic, with it's nice new squeaky-clean operating system it runs like a dream. But it wasn't long before I had to face the technical challenge of getting all my old data from my old desktop computer (which was bursting at the seams with data!) onto my new laptop.

I was also intending to format and give away my old computer, so I could not afford to lose any of this data in the process.

I sat down at my old computer and listed all of my important files to assess exactly what and how much data I needed to transfer over to the new laptop.

Including my pictures, MP3's, Office documents, work backup's and so on, I was looking at transferring about 20 Gigabytes worth of data, it seems to build up so quickly! Thank goodness for my new laptop's 100 Gigabyte Hard Drive, which will allow me to transfer all of my data to it and still have room for a lot more. I know that the main application programmes (Word, Excel and so on) from my old computer will all have to be reinstalled on to the new laptop from their original install disks, but how do I get all the rest of the data over to the new laptop?

Floppy disk? - no way, even if my laptop had a floppy disk drive I would need about 14,000 disks!

CD or DVD? - Both my new laptop and my old computer have CD ROM drives, to get all my data over using CD's I would need about 30 disks as well as some software to package all the data up nice and tidily across the 30 disks, viable but a lot of work and time needed. DVD's would be better but my old computer does not have a DVD drive! There must be an easier way.

USB Memory Stick? - Not really a viable option, the maximum capacity of the USB Memory Stick that I can afford is 512MB, so this would require about 40 swaps from the old computer to the new and as my old computer is only USB1.1 which transfers at 1.5 mega bytes this process is going to be possible but really slow.

Networking? - Apparently I could network my two machines together with a "Cross Wired Network lead" and a copy of "Networking Computers for Dummies", but unfortunately my old dinosaur of a computer does not have a network card! Network cards are cheap enough but I still don't want to spend any money on this old computer and really don't fancy fiddling around inside the desktop. Although it does sound good to be able to connect the two computers together and transfer the data through the cable.

This is when I came across a very handy cable called a USB Data Link Cable. Apparently I can just plug one end into the USB port on my old PC and the other end into the USB port on my new laptop and then as if by magic, I should have a USB Network between both computers. Now this sounds more like it! Both my computers have USB ports and even though my old computer is USB1.1 and my new laptop is USB2.0 the cable should work anyway, although the transfer rate will only be at the lower USB1.1 speed.
After finding more about this cable on the Internet I found out that it is also known as a USB File/Data Transfer Cable. Once connected, the transfer of data is done quickly and effortlessly by simply dragging and dropping files from one window to another, just as you normally would when moving files around on your system. So I ordered one online right away.

The USB Data Transfer Cable arrived the next day and I got down to the business of getting the thing to work, the hardest part was working out the blatantly "translated" instructions. All I had to do was install the included software from the CD, once only on each of my computers, then plug the cable into a USB port on each computer and run the software. Two Windows Explorer type windows appeared, one showing files on the laptop and the other showing files on the PC, then I simply dragged and dropped files between the two computers.

I was amazed, this USB cable solution was fantastic. It was so easy to set up and turned out to be the cheapest option by far at only £15 and much less hassle than any other option, almost too good to be true, magic!

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How to Convert VHS to DVD with a DVD Recorder

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In order to preserve your memories and films, converting your VHS videos to DVDs is a great idea.

When preserving your favorite movies or memories, the standard used to be VHS video tapes. But with the advancement of DVD technology, the advantages of DVDs proved to outweigh those of VCR tapes. Video tapes can wear out over time, becoming bent, damaged or dirty. The cassette casings are vulnerable to damage as well, rendering the tape inside useless. Storage is easier with DVDs since they take up less space than videos. Not to mention the quality of picture and sound is higher on DVDs.

So the question becomes, how do I convert my video tapes to DVDs in order to preserve them for my future enjoyment? There are several options. First, you could use a VHS to DVD conversion service that will do the transfer for you. However, if you have a great deal of videos to convert, over time you'll save money by doing the conversions yourself in the convenience of your home.

The computer savvy among us will use their computer to transfer their videos to DVD. It requires copying the video to a digital file on the computer using an analog converter. The file gets compressed into MPEG-2 format before being burned onto a DVD. This method takes some time, but it does allow you to make changes to the video, like special effects or music, before you burn it to the DVD. Depending on the burning software that you use, you might be able to add a menu or other special features. However, the process can be quite slow because you have to transfer the file twice: first from the video to the computer and then again from the computer to the DVD.

So in order to save time and effort, you can copy the tapes to a DVD without the use of a computer. There are two ways to do this:

  • The first involves buying a DVD recorder that allows input from another source. You simply connect your VCR by cable to the DVD recorder. Then while the video plays, it is also recording. If you choose this option, consider purchasing a video processor called a proc amp or a time base corrector. These devices stabilize and improve the quality of the analog video as it is fed to the DVD recorder and can greatly improve the resulting images that you get on the DVD.
  • The second option is to purchase a combination DVD/VCR recorder. It does the same thing as the previous option without needing to connect any cables. If you are planning to copy a lot of videos, it is worth your time and effort to find out what kind of processing the machine does to the analog signal from the video tape before it converts it to the digital signal that gets recorded in DVD format. You want the best possible result that you can get.

If you do the conversion yourself, always follow the manufacturer's instructions to ensure you capture the video appropriately. Make sure that you have cleaned the heads of the VCR between copying videos. Old tapes carry a lot of dust or other particles that can clog up your VCR. And since you are copying directly from the video to the DVD, whatever picture quality issues you have with the video will appear on the DVD. Understand that if you have videos which are recorded at SLP (6 hours of video on a tape) you will not get the same quality of recording onto a DVD as if the video was recorded at SP (2 hours of video on a tape). If you find the quality is not acceptable for you, consider changing your method of converting videos to DVD. However, for many people, the time and energy saved in converting the videos on their own will outweigh any concerns over video quality.

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How to Sell Used Computers

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There is a huge market for used computers because of their affordability. If you are planning to dispose your used computer, read on to learn what you should do to get the best deal while doing so.

Many people sell their used computers for a variety of reasons. Some sell their used computer instead of throwing them as a trash get some money from them, while others sell their used computers to buy new computers with the latest features and technology. Not only individuals sell their used computers, but also large numbers of organizations or firms sell their used computers. They do so because the computer systems may require maintenance and repairs, after some time due to the decrease in performance seen in the computers after some years. Instead of spending more money on the maintenance and repairs they sell and gain money, as there is a great demand for used computers. Such companies easily sell their used computers online through auctions or exchange for new computers with less effort in no time.

Used computers are bought by either students who do not have good savings or earnings or they are bought by educational institutions like the schools and universities. Some parents buy used computers for their children just for browsing the Internet and to play games. For this purpose, a used computer is more than sufficient than spending huge amounts on a new computer. These target segments however require used computers in a good working condition as well as for a lesser price. Most of the used computers are sold in the online market, as it attracts all sorts of buyers. There are many numbers of online classifieds or auctions or online dealers who sell used computers. Selling used computers are a better option than throwing them as trash or keeping them in a corner occupying space and collecting dust.

The first and important step is to improve the appearance of the used computer by wiping it clean free of dust and dirt. Any buyer would get impressed by the way the computer looks, looks make the first impression. The selling price of a clean used computer is always better than the one, which is full of dirt and dust.

All the software manual, operating system and other supporting discs that came with the computer should be in tact. This will add more value, when selling the used computer and also will make the buyer consider the person who is selling the used computer as a trusted seller.

The most important thing to do before selling a used computer is to erase all the personal details or information from the hard disk or drive. Instead of just putting them in the trash folder it is very important to purge all the personal data from the computer’s memory, even invisible backup files can cause danger. A tech savvy person’s help can be got if the seller does not know how to do it. If not done it may lead to accessing the bank accounts, or emails by any unknown person leading to identity theft. For that when there is a remedy. Unused scanners, printers can also be bundled with the sale of the used computer. A buyer may sometime value it. The benefits or features of the computer can be highlighted for better sales.

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Hard Disk Failures Cause Bankruptcy

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Computers are wonderful inventions, until they go wrong. Every company stores data on its computers, instead of in filing cabinets. That data includes invoices payable, customer details, debts, etc. If something goes wrong with the computer hard drive the data could be lost. Every day, companies go out of business because of catastrophic data loss caused by computer crashes.

Large companies do back up their data, but what about the one-man company where the paperwork is done on a Sunday morning? More and more people are working from home on personal computers that have zero protection against data loss caused by hard disk failure or power surges.

Every company, large or small should back up their data, preferably to an alternative location, yet most one-man businesses fail to follow this basic survival strategy because of the time it takes to back up the data each day.

Even these companies need to develop the habit of backing up all customer information to a removable hard disk, pen-drive or similar, or to a CD/DVD. Another alternative is to buy a RAID hard drive for your PC. These drives save your data to more than one hard disk, and check for inconsistencies between the two or more data sets. If there are differences then this can be a sign that one of the hard disks will fail soon, enabling you to avoid losing the data in the first place.

Hard drive disks spin at up to 8,000 revolutions a minute, They are highly engineered, but, because they have moving parts, wear occurs, and disks stop working.

There are many companies who will attempt to retrieve your data from a non-functional hard drive. The service is not cheap, and if you employ a contractor to do this who is not using the correct software, you have a 50% chance of your data being totally destroyed.

If your company depends on that data for its survival, and it does, the high cost is worth it. Much better though, to get into the habit of backing up your data every night

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Twist on Bingo Playing

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Elimination Bingo is all about trying not to get the number that's called by the caller at all. a funny twist from the regular bingo game is'nt it? it is fun to play bingo as you struggle not to bingo on any of the lines or the full house. The trick is to get the least numbers on your bingo cards. You can catch this game on exclusive online bingo sites, where the status of the game is displayed. The number of players & the number of cards left are all displayed where you can keep a watch of your games.

Bingo is the ultimate fun, as it brings to you amazing wins & prizes. However, if you wish to play bingo a little differently, then the' Elimination Bingo' is the perfect thing for you. This Bingo game is fun as it is all about playing the traditional game of Bingo oppositely. This is a perfect break from the regular online bingo games if 'twist' is the preferred flavor for you.

Play bingo with a twist at only 5p each, you get to purchase a maximum of two tickets & a maximum of 10 tickets for a single game. The game starts like the normal game of bingo, where the numbers are called out by a caller & marked off your card. The top two cards most under the threat will be displayed on the top, as each get 'eliminated' gradually. The elimination starts with 3 numbers & increases up to 10 matched numbers to be eliminated.

As you play bingo for the 'Elimination', your status will be displayed. As you get eliminated, the message will be declared on the screen. The winner will be the player who still has a card walking while the others are eliminated. Catch this funny game of bingo, where you win if you normally loose!

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Play Bingo and Grab the Bonus

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Playing bingo is an interesting activity do. Besides enjoying the game, I usually play bingo as a way to gather with my friends. The game seems so fun because we have to compete with many people and pray for luck to win the game. The game is very simple, I think nobody will get difficulties to join the game; all we need to do is listen carefully to the instruction.

What makes Bingo so interesting is the bonus I can get if I win the game. Unfortunately, with my job, I am no longer able to spend times with my friend to play the game. But I do not have to worry because the technology able to make me continue my Bingo Game hobby with my friends. By visiting, I can play bingo online. This website is also gives a space for people who love bingo to gather and chat.

This website becomes my favorite website, because if I finish my Bingo games, I can lay other interesting games provided like monopoly or Cleopatra game. Now I can not wait to join the Bingo championship on the website. I always check the bingo schedule so I will not miss the interesting event on the line.

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Computer Slow? Optimize It With The Right Tools

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Why does it seem like every time you get a new computer it operates at lightning fast speeds for only a few months before becoming slow and laborious over its tasks? Is this just something that we have to live with or can we do something to keep our computers running at optimum speeds?

The truth is that computers do not get slower as they age, a slow computer is a sign that something is literally holding your PC back and affecting its performance.

And the good news is that you can do something about it.

There are many things that can affect your computer’s performance, from low memory to a fragmented hard drive and everything in between. The things that can affect your computer’s performance are usually of your own doing. You see, each time we download a program or delete a program, we affect the way our computer operates. This change in operation can leave holes in our PCs operating procedures or may even leave behind programs that can affect our computer’s performance.

Here are just a few things that could be making your computer slow:

· Running Background Programs – These programs are software applications that are running behind the scenes even when they are not in use. You may not even know that they are running, but they can zap precious memory and slow down your other tasks considerably. To see if you have programs running in the background, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete at the same time. The box that pops up will show you all applications that are running.

· Full Hard Drive – If your hard drive is too full of data, it will not have enough space to perform chores. Your hard drive should have at lease 2MB to 3MB in free space.

· Fragmented Hard Drive – When you download and delete programs, you create holes in your hard drive. These holes mean that your PC has to search for the files it needs over greater distance and not necessarily in the order that it needs them.

· Left Over Parts – When you install and uninstall Windows programs, they leave behind parts or applications that can slow down your computer. You may even unknowingly delete a file needed for other software applications. (Note: Spyware and viruses can also slow down your PC’s performance, but for the purpose of this article we are assuming that the problem lies in application errors.)

Make Your PC Run Like New

While it’s not rocket science, making your computer lightning fast once again will take a little work from you. Sometimes, this is as easy as running your Windows System Tools program. You can find these programs by clicking “start,” “all programs,” “accessories,” and “system tools.” Here you will find several system optimizers to help you free up your disk space, defragment your PC, and detect and repair disk errors.

In addition to tools already installed on your PC, you can opt to download additional programs to optimize your computer’s performance. These optimizers can be purchased as a set with other software programs that can help you get the best out of your computer. Here are just a few of the extra optimization programs that you may want for your PC:

· Memory Optimizer – When you are using your computer, it takes several programs and application to handle everything that you are doing. Each of these programs uses memory. When memory is short, computer response time is slow. Memory Optimizer helps to make the allotment of memory to each program more efficient. This can help you eliminate slow PC execution time, Windows hang up or crashing, loss of data and unwanted shutdowns.

· Registry Deffrager and Optimizer – As mentioned before, a registry with holes results in slow response times as your PC searches for the data it needs. This program improves the system response time and saves memory by creating a smaller registry.

· Windows Optimizer – We all use our computers differently. Some use their computer as a media and entertainment centerpiece while others use their PC for data storage and business purposes. Windows Optimizer allows you to tweak program settings so that they will perform in line with your needs.

Granted, a slow computer is a nuisance and it may leave you wanting to go out and purchase a new model. But before you give up on your current model, make sure that you have optimized it first. You may be surprised by how much life is still in your PC.

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Tips To Buying Ink Cartridges For Printers

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$As a general rule, black ink cartridges are more affordable than color toner. When considering which to purchase, take a moment to think about how you will be using your printer. Will your printouts require color or will they work just as well in black & white? If the answer is ‘yes,’ you will save a considerable amount of money in purchasing the black ink cartridges.

$If you are cost conscious and also have a great concern for the environment, purchasing recycled.

purchasing recycled ink cartridges may be your best bet. Not only are these more affordable, but they are also better for the environment as are other recycled products. One of the best places for purchasing quality recycled ink cartridges is Viking Office Products and Staples.

$When you purchase any type of ink cartridge, make sure that it is compatible with your printer. Many people are surprised to learn that ink cartridges are designed to be used with a specific model and manufacturer of printers, which should be clearly explained on the outside packaging. If you have trouble remembering the model number on your printer, simply write it down on a piece of paper and take it to the store with you. This will be the single most important information to have on hand when selecting ink cartridges for printers because without the right printer model number, you are not likely to get the right product.

$Because ink cartridges are sometimes very expensive, it is often possible to find a real bargain on a printer/ink cartridge combo. A recent visit to a local retail store revealed a single ink cartridge for $29.97. Just beside the ink cartridge selection were several boxed printers. Among them, a new printer and color ink cartridge combo, which was priced at just $34.95. When you consider the difference of only $5.00 and the fact that you could purchase a brand new printer and ink for almost the same price as a single ink cartridge, the better deal was obvious. In this scenario, you could simply resale your former printer on eBay and replace it with the new printer. This just goes to show that a little smart shopping can go a long way in terms of getting the best value for your dollar.

$The majority of ink cartridges for printers carry a manufacturer’s warranty guaranteeing your satisfaction. The only way to receive coverage as promised is to retain the original purchase receipt, ink cartridge packaging and warranty information. If your new ink cartridge should fail to work as promised, most manufacturer’s will either replace the cartridge at no cost to you or refund the original purchase price in it’s entirety.

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the Reasons Why To Share Printer With Printer Anywhere

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Printer Anywhere is useful in such conditions when your printer is not working properly and you have to print out some official documents urgently. The technology does not provide any electronic files of the papers that you have printed. The technology is helpful while traveling as well. The biggest advantage of the technology is that you do not need to pay any charges for sharing documents via Printer anywhere.

Advanced technology is discovering new tools and devices to make one’s life easier. Everyone’s life became effortless because of computers and digital tools. We use computers to finish our tasks rapidly and easily. Everyone uses internet to contact his/her friends and co-workers. Many things are shared among people using the internet. Many photo images and files can be shared across the globe with the help of internet. Numerous types of software are available in the market, which would help one to distribute papers online.

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Blu-ray vs HD-DVD - The lowdown on the warring formats

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The current aim of blu-ray and HD-DVD is to get as much public support quickly as ultimately it is the consumer who will decide which format comes out on top. With the unification talks failing it is up to you to make the decision of which format to adopt. To help you with this tough decision is the lowdown on how each format matches below.

The current aim of blu-ray and HD-DVD is to get as much public support quickly as ultimately it is the consumer who will decide which format comes out on top. With the unification talks failing it is up to you to make the decision of which format to adopt. To help you with this tough decision is the lowdown on how each format matches below.


The blu-ray format’s head companies are Sony and Philips with Toshiba and Hitachi heading up the HD-DVD format. This situation isn’t the first time where these two sides have gone at each other with opposing formats. The DVD format was born from the co-operation of the Multimedia Compact Disc from Sony/Philips (MMCD) and the Super Density Disc (SD) from Toshiba. Though it ended well for the consumer with the DVD format being widely adopted and becoming the new standard, it was Toshiba’s camp who came out on top in regards to royalties.
This led to the work on new formats by both sides with Sony aiming to regain some of its lost market. The two projects though had been in production but not really going anywhere at the time. Sony’s Professional Disc for Data (PDD) became the blu-ray format while Toshiba’s Advanced Optical Disc becoming HD-DVD. This leads us back to the original situation where there are two competing formats with a unification looking a lot less likely.


Both blu-ray and HD-DVD use a wavelength of 405nm however the smaller track pitch on blu-ray (see Blu-ray Disc) allows more information to be squeezed on and so gives the larger capacity. However it is the differing track pitch that makes these two formats incompatible. The surface layer of the two is different also as HD-DVD uses a 0.6mm layer similar to DVD whereas blu-ray uses a 0.1mm clear plastic layer.
This difference is the main reason why costs are higher with blu-ray. Costly production methods are needed to be able to make the discs and a hard coating must be applied to make the discs suitably resilient to dust and fingerprints.


Blu-ray currently offers discs in 25gb for single layer and 50gb for dual layer. However TDK has started work on a 200gb disc which is 6x33gb layers.
HD-DVD comes in 15gb for the single layer and 30gb for the dual layer. Best tests so far have achieved 45gb but 60gb is the theoretical limit. This shows that the maximum for HD-DVD is only 10gb more than what blu-ray can already offer.


Both formats use the same codecs to play video as they are both able to play standard and high-definition. This means that MPEG-2, Microsoft Video Codec 1 (aka VC1, WMV HD, etc.) and H.264 / MPEG-4 AVC are all supported on both formats.


Both blu-ray and HD-DVD have to make use of HDCP encrypted output and the Advanced Access Content System (AACS). Both HDCP and AACS are mandatory for any discs with HD video.
Blu-ray also incorporates ROM-Mark watermarking technology and BD dynamic crypto which generates special keys for batches of discs.
HD-DVD uses a similar system in the Volume Identifying technology.


Both formats are heavily supported in both the Consumer Electronics (CE) and Information Technology (IT) industries. However blu-ray has a better portion of the big name movie and game studios supporting it which is essential for there to be a ready amount of content at launch. See below for the list of Supporting studios:


20th Century Fox
Buena Vista Home Entertainment
Electronic Arts
MGM Studios
Paramount Pictures
Sony Pictures Entertainment
The Walt Disney Company
Vivendi Universal Games
Warner Bros.


Buena Vista Home Entertainment
New Line Cinema
Paramount Pictures
The Walt Disney Company
Universal Studios
Warner Bros.

Josh Biggs is the founder of Blu-ray-review which gives the visitor a resource for all the latest blu-ray news and product reviews with community discussion.

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How to install a wi-fi drivers

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That many ask about how to install wi-fi, no one I know how to add the installation of wi-fi emachine drivers here.

* If you use a laptop
/ notebook, make sure the device is the internal wi-fi has build-in (attached) in your laptop.

* If no, buy the external later installed on the USB port

* Remember the device wi-fi is different from the LAN Card, Modem Card, Ethernet Adapter, Bluetooth. Wi-fi devices are usually accompanied by the category to its wi-fi a / b / g. For example here I use wi-fi Device is Realtek RTL8187 Wireless 802.11g 54Mbps USB 2.0 Network Adapter

* If you have wifi installed, insert the CD driver of the wi-fi is.

* Use the default autorun from the driver CD for easy installation of the driver, or directly click the file setup.exe from the driver wi-fi we (in this case there is a folder in the Azure). For example I use my laptop eMachine.

eMachine the wi-fi Driver but if you have Acer Note Book you must intalling acer drivers, dell drivers for Dell Note Book

* In the sidebar menu Optional driver click Azure Wireless Driver, the installation wizard will appear driver installation in progress wi-fi
finished install wifi.

* Click Next until the window appears as follows
finishing wi-fi instalations.

* Click Finish to complete.

* View on the Device Manager (Windows + R, type devmgmt.msc) has been installed to make sure. Of the image visible on the Network Adapter is highlighted, the driver has been successfully installed.

Device manager for wi-fi.

* In Windows Explorer »Control Panel» Network Connections will look like in the picture below (the highlighted section)

wireless wi-fi connection.

* On the icon tray icon will appear, such as wi-fi in the image below.

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about firewall

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Firewalls: What It is and How It acts

If you already use the internet for some time, and especially if you work in a large company and browse the internet at work, you may have heard the term such as Zone Alarm firewall. As, for example, you often hear people say, "I can not to that site is because they do not allow through the firewall."

If you have a fast internet connection at home (such as D-Link DSL or cable modem), you also heard about using a firewall for network diperumahan. In fact, the network security of housing have the same problem with large companies. You can use a firewall to protect network of family housing and attack sites and the potential hacker.

Basically, a firewall is like a wall of the separator to prevent the damage we are far from home. In fact, the wall which is called a firewall set up to prevent the fire to spread from one place to another.

Firewall function

A firewall is software or hardware that filter (filter) the information entered via an internet connection to a private network or computer system. If the incoming packet of information by a filter, the package can not go in and have more removed.

Suppose you work in a company with 500 workers. So companies that have hundreds of computers that are connected with the network card. The company also has a connection to the internet through a T1 or T3 (such as cable modem, but for large companies). Without using a firewall, this will be hundreds of computers directly connected to the Internet. Hackers can analyze the computers that are used by accountants, for example, and trying to make earlier connections to the computer via FTP, telnet, or other means. If a worker makes a mistake and open a hole for hackers to enter, this hacker will controlling computer.

With a firewall, the situation will be changed. The company is installing a firewall ditiap connection to the Internet (for example, in each T1 into the company). In the firewall can be installed security regulations, for example:

Than 500 computers in this company, only one is allowed to receive FTP traffic. Computer must berubungan with this computer to use the FTP facility.

Companies can make the rules as above for the FTP server, Web server, Telnet server, and others. Companies can also mengkontrol employees how to access the Internet site, what can send the file out of the company through the network, etc.. Firewalls use one or more methods to manage the traffic entering the network-out:

* Packet filtering - Package data analyzed and compared with the filter. Pass the packet filter is sent to the requesting system and the rest will be discarded.
* Proxy service - Information from the exit-entry must be through the internet firewall. Example: Computer A requested information from the ABC site. A computer is not directly related to the ABC site, but the firewall will have this information, and after getting the computer to send akan A.
* Stateful inspection - a new method that does not check every package, but will compare the key part of the package with a database that contains reliable information. The information comes from the exit and in the firewall will be monitored for important characters, then enter the information will be compared with this character. If the comparison is quite close to this information will be entered are, if not will be removed.

Create Firewall Pas

Firewalls can be configured. This means you can increase or decrease the filter that will be used depending on the circumstances. Part of this filter is:

* IP address - Each of the components (computer, hub, print server, etc.) from the internet is given a unique address (does not have the same) and is called IP address. This address is 32-bit, shown as four "octets" to the point separator; example: 72164215216. Pengetrapan example, if a certain IP address outside the company too much to read from the file server, the firewall can be configured to mengeblok all traffic from this IP address.
* Domain names - Because very difficult because the sequence numbers that form the IP address, and sometimes because the IP addresses need to be replaced, all servers on the Internet also has a name that is easy to read, instead of the IP address, and called domain names. For example, is easier to memorize than Pengetrapan Example: Company can mengeblok or give access to a particular domain.
* Protocol - Protocol is a way for someone who would like to use the service to communicate with the service. "A person" can mean people, or more likely to applications such as browser, telnet, or ftp. Sample protocol for example as a web http protocol. Protocols are often set in the firewall include:
o IP (Internet Protocol) - the system of information delivery via the internet
o TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) - used to build the reverse split and the information circulating on the internet. TCP requires answers from sipenerima back to menyakinkan that the package is sent and received to find out if packet should be sent back if lost.
o HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) - used for Web pages
o FTP (File Transfer Protocol) - to download and upload files
o UDP (User Datagram Protocol) - TCP, but such answers do not need a back, such as streaming audio and video
o ICMP (Internet Control Message Protocol) - used by routers to exchange information with another router
o SMTP (Simple Mail Transport Protocol) - to send information in the form of a text (e-mail)
o SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) - to collect system information from remote computer
o Telnet - to run a command on the remote computer

Companies can configure one or two machines to handle a specific protocol and the protocol prohibits this in the other computer.

* Ports - Server provides a service to the Internet using a port number, one number for each service that is available on the server page. Example: HTTP (port 80), FTP (port 21).
* The word or words a particular - A firewall will detect all the packages that contain these words. You can configure the firewall to blocked the packages that contain the word "X-rated" or "XXX." The most important word filter should be really the same-"X-rated" not the same as the "X rated".

OS (operating systems) have a built-in firewall built, such as Unix or Linux, and Windows XP with SP-2. If not, the software firewall can be installed on the computer at home that have a connection to the Internet. This computer is considered a gateway because it provides a single point of access to housing with the internet network. With a hardware firewall, this unit usually functions as its own gateway. For example Linksys Cable / DSL router that has built-in Ethernet card and hub. Computers housing through the network to the router, and through this router to cable or DSL modem. You can configure the router via the browser.

Hardware firewall is very secure and not expensive. Versions for housing, including router, firewall and Ethernet hub for broadband connections can be obtained with the price under Rp. 1 million.

By Firewall Protection

Many ways for hackers to access or damage data on a computer that is not protected:

* Remote login - When people come in to your computer and can take control, can read files or run applications.
* Application backdoors - applications have a certain back roads that allow access to remote into the computer.
* SMTP session hijacking - SMTP is used to send email via the internet. With access to the list email, hackers can use this information to send spam or email junk to even hundreds of millions of people. This is usually done with the path email to the SMTP server has been hack, so this spam as if sent from this SMTP server. This makes tracking the sender of the original is very difficult.
* Operating system bugs - Like applications programs, operating systems sometimes have a "bug" that allows hackers to use this opportunity as the entrance.
* Denial of service - you may have heard this term from news about the attacks to a large site, such as Microsoft or Yahoo. This attack is very difficult to block. A hacker is going to send a request to connect with the server. When the server and ready to make a session, the server can not find this address request. By making such demand and so many, this server will be very slow and eventually crash.
* E-mail bombs - email bombs usually a personal attack. Send someone hundreds or thousands email the same until email server can not accept any more.
* Macros - Macro usually made to simplify the complex procedures and often repeated. Computer you can have a macro that bad because the hacker or you download the macros from the internet without you realize. This macro can delete the document / file, or make your system crash.
* Viruses - Viruses are small applications that can duplicate itself to other computers. Thus, this virus can spread quickly from one computer to another. This virus can be benign or malignant (harmful data).
* Spam - Usually tame but make peeved. Spam can be dangerous because it contains links to sites that wrong / false.
* Redirect bombs - Hacker can use ICMP to change the flow of internet traffic to another router. This is a way to set up denial of service attacks.
* Source routing - Generally, the path that must be adopted by the package of information on the Internet is determined by the router-router is skipped. But the source that provides the route this may give the wrong route or replaced by hackers.

Some of the topics mentioned above are very difficult, or even not possible, for the filter with a firewall. Although there is a firewall that provides protection such as anti-virus, install anti-virus computer in each give better protection. Although spam is spam, but fret will continue this through the firewall if you receive spam and open it. Security level determines how much of this threat can reduce by a firewall. A high level of security can blocking almost all threats. But this is likely to close the deal with the internet. How the block is usually used all the activities and select what is allowed. You can allow traffic is to be through the firewall so that only the specific information types, such as email, can be passed by. This is the way to business which has experienced network administrator. For all of us, should receive the configuration provided by the firewall unless there is reason to change.

One thing about best firewall securities viewed from the view is the possibility of a firewall to block outside access to computers in the network (behind the firewall wall). While this is very important for business, but the housing network have little or almost no threat like this. However, installing a firewall to provide security and sense of calm.

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Conficker Issued

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Do you remeber with "Conficker" ???. This worm has been estimated to infect 9 million computers worldwide, and are categorized as a serious threat by security experts. Newest attack promised will take place today, April 1.

One technique used is the worm Conficker mem-patch-based computer that has Microsoft diinvasinya so that it can prevent malware hiding and the other thread. According to one vendor, Qualys, the scanner is already in the upgrade yesterday Tuesday Microsoft is able to distinguish the original patch with the patch susupan Conficker.

"Last week researchers from the University of Bonn get so that install themselves, close the worm weaknesses (related to MS08-067] because he does not want others to take over the machine," said Wolfgang Kandek (CTO, Qualys). "But patch Conficker appear different. "

Bonn research paper that distinguish the original patch from Microsoft patch false Conficker property allows Qualys has upgraded its scanning engine that can distinguish these two patches. Once Kandek words as quoted networkworld. "Patch Conficker appear different. Before, we would say, it seems you have the patch," katanya.Scan this can reveal the machines that are not suspected of being infected by Conficker.

Then how about the owner of the computer at home? How does he know that computer is disusupi Conficker? Just simple. If he is not able to connect to a web site solution sekuritinya can not download or detection / removal tools are free, meaning that infected computer Conficker.

Nah, that your computer is not slowed or garbled because of infection Conficker, please run the tools to detect and eradicate Conficker also offered by some antimalware vendors, including free trial versions of Symantec and McAfee, and Microsoft.

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