Twist on Bingo Playing

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Elimination Bingo is all about trying not to get the number that's called by the caller at all. a funny twist from the regular bingo game is'nt it? it is fun to play bingo as you struggle not to bingo on any of the lines or the full house. The trick is to get the least numbers on your bingo cards. You can catch this game on exclusive online bingo sites, where the status of the game is displayed. The number of players & the number of cards left are all displayed where you can keep a watch of your games.

Bingo is the ultimate fun, as it brings to you amazing wins & prizes. However, if you wish to play bingo a little differently, then the' Elimination Bingo' is the perfect thing for you. This Bingo game is fun as it is all about playing the traditional game of Bingo oppositely. This is a perfect break from the regular online bingo games if 'twist' is the preferred flavor for you.

Play bingo with a twist at only 5p each, you get to purchase a maximum of two tickets & a maximum of 10 tickets for a single game. The game starts like the normal game of bingo, where the numbers are called out by a caller & marked off your card. The top two cards most under the threat will be displayed on the top, as each get 'eliminated' gradually. The elimination starts with 3 numbers & increases up to 10 matched numbers to be eliminated.

As you play bingo for the 'Elimination', your status will be displayed. As you get eliminated, the message will be declared on the screen. The winner will be the player who still has a card walking while the others are eliminated. Catch this funny game of bingo, where you win if you normally loose!

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