Avira AntiVir Personal /

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Avira AntiVir Personal /

AntiVir Personal Edition description
Free, effective protection against computer viruses
AntiVir Personal Edition is a software that helps you protect and monitor your PC.

AntiVir software is a reliable free antivirus solution, that constantly and rapidly scans your computer for malicious programs (such as viruses, Trojans, backdoor programs, hoaxes, worms, dialers etc.), monitoring every action executed by the user or by the operating system and being able to react promptly when a malicious program is detected.

Protects your computer against dangerous viruses, worms, Trojans and costly dialers.

Avira AntiVir Personal gives you the following functions:
· Control Center for monitoring, administering and controlling the entire program
· Central configuration with user-friendly standard and advanced options and context-sensitive help
· Scanner (On-Demand Scan) with profile-controlled and configurable search for all known types of virus and malware
· Integration into the Windows Vista User Account Control allows you to carry out tasks requiring administrator rights
· Guard (On-Access Scan) for continuous monitoring of all file access attempts
· Integrated quarantine management to isolate and process suspicious files
· Rootkit protection for detecting hidden malware installed in your computer system (rootkits) (Only for 32-bit systems)
· Direct access to detailed information on the detected viruses and malware via the Internet
· Simple and quick updates to the program, virus definitions, and search engine through Single File Update and incremental VDF updates via a webserver on the Internet
· Integrated Scheduler to plan one-off or recurring tasks, such as updates or test runs
· Very high rates of virus and malware detection using innovative search technologies (search engines) and heuristic search processes
· Detection of all common archive types, including detection of nested archives and smart extensions
· High-performance multithreading function (simultaneous high-speed scanning of multiple files)

Here are some key features of "AntiVir Personal Edition":

· Protection against viruses, worms and Trojans
· Protection against expensive dialers
· Detects and deletes rootkits
· Raised scan speed
· Redesigned visual appearance


· Pentium I 133 MHz or better
· 30 MB of free HDD
· 20 MB of free RAM

NOTE: Not for Commercial or Business use

Size: 21.2 mB
Publisher: Visit Website http://www.avira.com

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McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i Plus (Patch 5)

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McAfee VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i Plus (Patch 5)

VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i is an anti-virus program for detecting and removing viruses and other security threats on Windows NT/2000/XP desktop computers and Windows NT/2000/2003 servers. These instructions pertain to installing, configuring, and using VirusScan on desktop and laptop computers only.

The "i" in the version number refers to the intrusion protection that has been added to VirusScan.

On behalf of the University of Calgary community, Information Technologies (IT) has purchased a campus-wide site license from Network Associates Inc. that allows their corporate antivirus software to be used on all university-owned computers. Under the Home Use Option, faculty, students and staff may also use a copy on their home computer free of charge.

VirusScan uses an installer to install all files automatically. VirusScan also has an AutoUpdate feature that updates itself automatically in order to detect new viruses and other threats.

System requirements
To use VirusScan Enterprise 8.5i, you must have a desktop or laptop computer with the following minimum specifications:

* Intel Pentium or Celeron processor 166 MHz or faster
* Windows Vista/XP/2000/2003/NT
* 32MB of RAM
* 140MB of free hard disk space
* Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 or later
* an Internet connection

For more about desktop and server system requirements, see the VirusScan 8.5i Installation Guide available from the IT Anti-Virus Software webpage.

Size: 31190 kB
Publisher: Visit Website

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AVG Free Edition 8.0 Build 100.1295

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AVG Free Edition 8.0 Build 100.1295

AVG Free Edition description
A free antivirus tool for protection against computer viruses
AVG Free Edition is the well-known anti-virus protection tool. AVG Free is available free-of-charge to home users for the life of the product!

Rapid virus database updates are available for the lifetime of AVG Free Edition, providing a high-level of detection capability that millions of users around the world trust to protect their PCs. AVG Free is easy-to-use and will not slow your system down (low system resource requirements).

Here are some key features of "AVG Free Edition":

· Automatic update functionality
· The AVG Resident Shield, which provides real-time protection as files are opened and programs are run
· The AVG E-mail Scanner, which protects your e-mail
· The AVG On-Demand Scanner, which allows the user to perform scheduled and manual tests
· Free Virus Database Updates for the lifetime of the product
· AVG Virus Vault for safe handling of infected files
· Great customer satisfaction!
· Please note that any previous version of AVG Free will be un-installed automatically during the installation of the new AVG Free.


· AVG Free Edition is available free-of-charge to home users! AVG Free Edition is for private, non-commercial, single home computer use only. Use of AVG Free Edition within any organization or for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited.
· AVG Free cannot be installed on server operating systems (such as Windows Server 2003), nor can it be used for the scanning of network drives
· Scheduling options in the AVG Free Edition are very limited (only one scheduled update per day, one scheduled scan per day etc.)
· AVG Free Edition does not offer advanced testing options, such as automatic healing, password-protected archives reporting, adjustment of scan process priority and many others.

What's New in This Release:

· Improvements :
· Small improvements in installation process.
· Improvements in Resident Shield scanning.
· Fixed Bugs :
· Fixed problem with missing help in Rescue Disk Wizard (Windows 98 and ME only).
· Fixed problem with displaying Resident Shield notification windows in some cases.
· Fixed wrong saving of proxy_host value in advanced AntiSpam settings.
· Fixed problem with default Resident Shield extension list settings after installation.
· Fixed problem with cleaning files with read-only attribute.... [ read full changelog ]

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Avira Premium Security Suite

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Avira Premium Security Suite

Avira Premium Security Suite description
The new Avira Premium Security Suite protects you in a comprehensive way against the dangers from the Internet
Do you surf on the Internet, make online purchases, communicate by email, or make bank transactions on your PC?

The Avira Security Suite was designed to protect you and has an extra FireWall as well as an AntiSpam and a backup function in addition to the award-winning virus protection.
· AntiVir
· AntiAd/Spyware
· AntiPhishing
· AntiRootkit
· AntiDrive-by
· AntiBot
· EmailScanner
· WebGuard
· RescueSystem
· BackupSystem
· AntiSpam
· FireWall
· GameMode

Here are some key features of "Avira Premium Security Suite":

· Protection against viruses, worms and Trojans
· Protection against expensive dialers
· Detects and deletes rootkits
· Protection against phishing
· Raised scan speed
· Redisigned visual appearance
· Protection against spyware and adware
· Special protection against email viruses (POP 3)
· Fast updates through the Premium server
· System to create a Rescue-CD
· Proactive AntiPhishing
· Inclusive FireWall
· Inclusive AntiSpam
· WebGuard to surf and download safely
· Function for Data BackUp


· Computer: Pentium or higher, at least 133 MHz
· RAM: 192 MB / 512 MB RAM for Windows Vista
· 40 MB free memory on the hard disk (more if quarantine is used)
· 100 MB temporary memory on the hard disk
· Administrator rights are required for the installation


· In the Demo version the Update function is disabled. To update you must require the full version

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Kaspersky Internet Security

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Kaspersky Internet Security 8.0 – is a new line of Kaspersky Labs products, which is designed for the multi-tiered protection of personal computers. This product is based on in-house protection components, which are based on variety of technologies for maximum levels of user protection regardless of technical competencies. This product utilizes several technologies, which were jointly developed by Kaspersky Labs and other companies; part of them is implemented via online-services.

Kaspersky Internet Security 8.0 – is a new line of Kaspersky Labs products, which is designed for the multi-tiered protection of personal computers. This product is based on in-house protection components, which are based on variety of technologies for maximum levels of user protection regardless of technical competencies. This product utilizes several technologies, which were jointly developed by Kaspersky Labs and other companies; part of them is implemented via online-services.

During product preparation several competitor offerings were considered and analyzed - firewalls, security suites systems, which position themselves as proactive in defence and HIPS systems. Combination of in-hosue innovative developments and results from analysis gathered through the industry allowed to jump onto a new level of protection for personal users, whereby offering even more hardened and less annoying computer protection from all types of electronic threats – malicious programs of different types, hacker attacks, spam mailings, program-root kits, phishing emails, advertisement popup windows etc.

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Downlaod Windows Live Wave 3 Beta

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Windows Live Wave which is a suite consisting of several programs from Microsoft, including Windows Live Writer, Windows Live Messenger, Photo Gallery, Windows Live Mail, and others. On the Windows Live Wave 3 Beta a few days ago, may already have been downloaded in download.live.com also includes Windows Live Movie Maker beta besides improvements to programs that already existed.

For this release besides the installation can does by online, Microsoft also provides a package for offline installation, but unfortunately the offline installer have very large and the file is about 135 MB, the package installer does not provide offline only to certain programs.

For Windows Live Writer itself, includes the improvement of image-processing facilities that will be inserted in the blog entry that has been introduced such as the Windows Live Technical Preview before, and also the facility to insert a video either by entering its URL or uploaded from a PC to the Soapbox service.

Downlaod Windows Live Wave 3 Beta: Web Insteller | Offline Installer

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Free ClamWin Portable 0.94.1

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ClamWin Portable is an Antivirus that packed in portable. This allows you to put them on a USB flash drive, iPod, portable hard drive or CD.
You also can put it into your computer and then scan your file with detect some dangerous damages in your computer. Here are some features of ClamWin Portable 0.94.1:
* High-virus detection and spyware
* Update routine virus database.
* Virus scanner that stands alone

ClamWin can not scan files in real-time, so you have to do that manually scan. If you want to download free ClamWin Portable 0.94.1, Just click this link.

Freeware | File EXE 5.97 MB | Free Download ClamWin Portable 0.94.1

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Free PC Pandora software registration key

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PC Pandora is a Keylogger software that can be used to record the activity in the use of computer from email sent records, the programs run, the activities of instant messenger chats, Website visited, a record for using the file (file tracking), activity peer to peer (P2P), activity search through search engines, user activity, the use of webcam, and also taps keyboard (keystroke) made on various programs. In addition, PC Pandora can also be used to take a screen capture (screenshot) each period of time. Recording various activities can be arranged so that user do not know about it.

In addition as Keylogger program to record the activity computer users, PC Pandora also has a facility to block the programs which cannot be used, the website address which cannot be accessed, and also applications to chat and instant messenger which will be blocked from use.

All activity records and settings can be viewed by the administrator of the computer before installing PC Pandora using the shortcut key or key combination that has been set and the password is set at the time of installation. For results activity record, can also set to be automatically sent to the email address specified.

Here are the ways to download PC Pandora software registration key:
* Go to the web page http://www.pcpandora.com/order/clickbank/
* Check the option Pandora Pro PC and uncheck the option on the Backup CD. Enter the promo code PCPANDORAHOLIDAY or SLICK8 then click Proceed to go to Step 2.
* Enter your name, email address and verification code then clicks Submit button.
* Check your email, and should have an email from Pandora Corp. (contact@pcpandora.com) with the subject "PC Pandora order confirmation." Here will be given a registration key PC Pandora which will be 365 days or 1 year.
* Download PC Pandora's http://www.pcpandora.com/bin/PCPandoraSetup.exe address and do the installation.
* At the time of installation Pandora PC, will be asked to enter a password that will be used to access the PC Pandora. In addition, will be asked to set hotkey to open a Pandora PC. The given default is the key combination Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Z.
* After the installation is complete, restart the computer.
* After booting the computer, you can open a Pandora PC with hotkey Ctrl + Alt + Shift + Z keys simultaneously, or if the installation to make changes. Enter the password previously set.
* To access the first time, will be asked to enter a registration key, and you can fill up from the registration code in the email you received previously. Make sure that the key to fill in the registration, the computer is connected to the Internet, because the activation PC Pandora with registration key is inserted conducted online.

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How to Speed Up your Computer

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Everyone has experienced a slow pc at some point in their life. It can be one of the most frustrating things in the world when it takes ages to open applications or perform simple tasks. There are things in which you can do to keep the speed of the pc in good condition.

Firstly the main thing to check for is the processor, a processor can only handle so much and once it reaches its peak there’s not much you can do. By upgrading this component you can guarantee that the performance will be increase but this may entail more components needing to be upgraded such as the mother board. You can check the diagnostics of your computer by typing ‘perfmon’ in the run utility located on the start menu.

Upgrading the processor can be a very costly task if you need to upgrade your mother board as well, always check before you buy anything so you are fully aware of what needs doing and how much it will cost you. If you’re on a budget there are other methods of speeding up the performance of your computer.

You need to ensure that your computer has sufficient memory in order to perform multiple tasks at the same time. If you were to have insufficient memory your computer would begin to use the hard disk space as memory, this will significantly slow down your pc as the hard disk runs at a much slower speed. You also have the potential to over work your processor as it will be reading and writing to the hard disk.

If you have an old hard disk then you are advised to upgrade that as the newer Serial ATA hard disks run at a much faster speed which will boost the performance of your pc. You have to ensure your computer is capable of having Serial ATA as not every processor can handle it.

If you are on a really tight budget and cannot afford to spend money upgrading components there are still ways you can slightly speed up the computer on a whole. You can go through the add/remove programs list and remove anything that you don’t need anymore, these programs are wasting space on your hard drive. The more space you have the more chance of your pc running smooth and problem free.

Always ensure you run the defrag tool on a regular basis to ensure that your hard drive isn’t clutter and will run at optimised speeds.

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Yahoo Multi Messenger for 1 PC

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Yahoo Multi Messenger for 1 PC Descripotions
A free and useful utility that allows you to run multiple instances of Yahoo! Messenger
Y! Multi Messenger allows you to run multiple instances of Yahoo! Messenger instead of only keeping one open.

This is perfect for those who run under several names. There are others out like this...but have an "update prompt", this does NOT have that!

Yahoo! Messenger for Vista:

We currently do not have a compatible version of YMulti Messenger for the newest Yahoo Messenger for Windows Vista!

Y!Multi v8 and v9 Instructions:

The version 8 patching program is NOT version specific, it will work with all versions of YM 8! All you need to do is launch the Y!Multi Messenger.exe file and then you can
select to enable or disable the polygamy patch. Once its patched (either way) it will remain that way until changed again. The only time you will now use the Y!Multi Messenger.exe file is to change the actual patching, otherwise, you will now use the normal Yahoo Messenger icons.

Installation Instructions:

Before installing, please read ALL included documentation! Run the installation setup program to install Y!Multi Messenger. This will automatically install to C:Program FilesYahoo!Messenger. If you have installed Yahoo Messenger to a different folder, make sure to reflect the correct path in the Y!Multi Messenger setup wizard. Failure to have it install to the Yahoo Messenger program files folder will likely result in dll (driver file) errors.

Up/Downgrading Instructions:

Should you upgrade or downgrade versions of Yahoo Messenger, please delete the Y!Multi Messenger.exe file from the Yahoo program files folder first, then uninstall/upgrade Yahoo Messenger. Then if you are wanting to install Multi, make sure you have the same version of it and install it. It is important to delete the Y!Multi Messenger.exe file before up/down grading it as sometimes it may not get overwritten and can cause errors!

let downloads here..

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