Conficker Issued

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Do you remeber with "Conficker" ???. This worm has been estimated to infect 9 million computers worldwide, and are categorized as a serious threat by security experts. Newest attack promised will take place today, April 1.

One technique used is the worm Conficker mem-patch-based computer that has Microsoft diinvasinya so that it can prevent malware hiding and the other thread. According to one vendor, Qualys, the scanner is already in the upgrade yesterday Tuesday Microsoft is able to distinguish the original patch with the patch susupan Conficker.

"Last week researchers from the University of Bonn get so that install themselves, close the worm weaknesses (related to MS08-067] because he does not want others to take over the machine," said Wolfgang Kandek (CTO, Qualys). "But patch Conficker appear different. "

Bonn research paper that distinguish the original patch from Microsoft patch false Conficker property allows Qualys has upgraded its scanning engine that can distinguish these two patches. Once Kandek words as quoted networkworld. "Patch Conficker appear different. Before, we would say, it seems you have the patch," katanya.Scan this can reveal the machines that are not suspected of being infected by Conficker.

Then how about the owner of the computer at home? How does he know that computer is disusupi Conficker? Just simple. If he is not able to connect to a web site solution sekuritinya can not download or detection / removal tools are free, meaning that infected computer Conficker.

Nah, that your computer is not slowed or garbled because of infection Conficker, please run the tools to detect and eradicate Conficker also offered by some antimalware vendors, including free trial versions of Symantec and McAfee, and Microsoft.

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